We welcome you to the GRUPO RESTAURANT BRANDS IBERIA Ethical Channel!

Through our Ethics Channel, any person may confidentially (or anonymously if preferred) submit communications on queries or breaches of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (or other internal policies and rules on ethics and compliance) or information on possible irregular, illicit, illegal or fraudulent conduct that may have occurred or be occurring in our Group. The Ethical Channel Policy of the RB IBERIA Group contains everything you need to know about how this Internal Reporting System works. It is very important that you read it because you must accept it, together with the Privacy Policy of this website, before sending a communication. All communications from the RB IBERIA Group's Ethics Channel are received, processed and resolved by its Corporate Ethics and Compliance Office, which acts independently, autonomously and impartially, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information and the protection of informants against reprisals.

Through this Channel you can also exercise your rights over personal data that are processed by any of the companies that make up the RB IBEIRA Group (access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation of processing, portability or deletion), as well as communicate possible breaches of personal data protection regulations. Our Data Protection Delegate (DPD) will be directly responsible for managing these communications.

In the RB IBERIA family we aspire to always do the right thing. Help us achieve it!



Please also note that this website is not customer service. For any query, comment, complaint or claim related to our products or services, please contact our Customer Service directly through the communication channels enabled for this purpose on our websites and apps.

Access this section to submit an ethical Consultation, report irregular, illegal, illicit or fraudulent behavior, provide information on conduct contrary to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of the RB IBERIA Group (or other Policies or Internal Standards) or to exercise your rights over the personal data for which we are responsible.
Access this section to check the status of a Communication that has already been made. Remember that you will be asked for the report number and the password that was provided to you when you submitted the Communication in order to access this monitoring.
Access this section to consult the text of the RB IBERIA Group Ethical Channel Policy and our Code of Ethics. Remember that you must read and expressly accept this Policy to be able to send a new Communication.
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